Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Ok so if you're  Drake fan like me Then you should be happy with the fact hat maybe now he will be taking off his shirt in a few of his next few videos lol because he's been in the gym heavy, in between stops on his Club Paradise tour, which is currently making it’s way up the East Coast. Last night, he instagramed a pic of his ‘guns’ while hitting the weights during a workout session.
Meanwhile, ever since he appeared on Punk’d a few weeks ago, Drake is taking his motto, ‘You Only Live Once’, more seriously.  A few months ago, he told Tim Westwood that he thought he was going to die and now ‘YOLO’ is realer than ever:
Punk’d used to be about getting angry, but the new Punk’d is like “Hey, man are you gonna have your life at the end of this?”. I thought I was gonna die. I really did! Like to the point where I was going to call my mom.
I thought I was going to die. For real, genuinely. To have that moment of realization and maybe accepting that like ‘Damn, I guess this is it.’ And then to have life after that, I was like [over] the last few days I’ve just been like, ‘Yo, let’s do it man!’ If you want to stay in the club til 4 a.m. then let’s stay. Because I don’t know when this is about to be over. So YOLO is a very real thing in my life nowadays.
If you missed Drizzy on Punk’d Watch here  ....Im mad he has PAPI on his Robe though lol

Spotted @ Tim Westwood Concrete Loop

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