Monday, June 18, 2012


Ok so Let the BAFOONERY BEGAN.......

Ok so I am sitting here watcing This first episode and all that is running through my head right now is...."IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING ON NATIONAL TELEVISION....let me tell you HOW RATCHET this Suga Hunny Iced Tee is:

I'm literally am SPEECHLESS simply because the drama in this FIRST episode Trumps any opening of ANY reality show I've ever watched in my life the fact that Joseline is even STILL BREATHING is Beyond me. I don't usually condone violence with women...ESPECIALLY women of color But The fact that MIMI didnt smack this Chick in the first Episode just Floors me (no pun intended).In the first episode Stevie J.buys Mimi and they're daughter a House on the other side of town personally I think he did that so he can have another chick laid up in the house (Stevie you are NOT slick) On the other hand This show looks like the drama will surround itself around Mimi the wife (i think) of Producer Stevie J. (who is just all TYPES of wrong) and his mistress Joseline the Latin (or foreigner whatever the hell she is) Rapper-SLASH-Stripper....

In the very first episode this Chick says She wants him (and i quote) to "He F**cked my Brain" (major side eye)When did this become OK to air on national television....This is really starting to make me think it's Scripted and i'm sorry as a WOMAN i would not sign up for ANYTHING that makes me look like the fool Stevie J is making the both of them Look and once again SORRY but Mimi you guys have been together for 15 years, yet you only have a TWO year that means you JUST started getting stupid???? I think I will like this girl if she realizes that Looking STUPID and being DISRESPECTED go hand in hand and I give her My PERMISSION to Slap the (F-word) outta JOSELINE and STEVIE J (that phone wouldn't have worked im sorry)

Sidebar: Did anyone catch the Ring on Joseline's Ring finger might've been FAKE but she definitely wanted someone to Notice it....(raises hand) I did!!!!


The other Characters Include Atlanta Rapper Lil Scrappy and His Daughter's Mom whom he had actually left Her for another ATL rapper Diamond of Crime Mob. It seems Like Karma Bit Him in the Ass when she started dating Soulja Boy and Erika was right there to pick up the pieces....(in other words she took his ass back) ...I don't know though I really want to see how these two work things out being that their lives are completely Opposite but they look like they really have a lot of Love for one another. You know the show wouldn't be complete with someone's MAMA being on the show....(everyone needs one) Now Mama Dee is the Former Pimp and Ex Drug Dealer in her words "You can't pimp a pimp" hahahahaha im sorry i can't help but to laugh and the fact that she said she should've taken Diamond to the Track and made money off her ass (I cant) Will she provide some type of Sanity in this Union?...I think NOT but am I looking forward to seeing her on this show....ABSOLUTELY!!!!

And then There's K. Michelle she is this Soul Singing Atlanta Artist who is just Getting out of a relationship with her kids Father (who im not sure if its Memphitz or not because she was with him) but Whoever this guys is she's just breaking out of an abusive relationship. She also shares that all of her Studio Money was spent on Materialistic Things (I think she's talking about Memphitz but we will wait and see) K. Michelle just wants a fresh Start to her Music Career and I can't wait because her voice should NOT be wasted.

You also Have Rasheeda Who just rounds out the whole show. She is another ATL Rapper who is trying to Salvage her Career but Can she being though she is Married to her Manager??

Watch the First Episode here:
I can't wait to see what the second Episode Holds if the firs one captivated me THIS MUCH....You've done it again Mona Scott Young you cant say her ass isn't a PIMP lmfaoooo

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premieres Every Monday at 8pm on VH1!!!! (smh)

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