Thursday, June 14, 2012

UPDATE:CHRIS BROWN/DRAKE Bloody Fight Video TMZ has posted a New video that has surfaced from the Chris Brown nightclub brawl ... showing a bloodied bodyguard in a fistfight with another man inside W.i.P. nightclub.

Right when the video begins, a man who appears to be Chris Brown can be seen violently spinning out of a headlock in the upper right corner of the shot ... and retreating to a back area inside the club.

A giant African American man ... who appears to be a bodyguard ... then emerges from Brown's area with blood spattered all over his white wifebeater.

Soon after the bloodied man stumbles into the center of the club ... he's confronted by another large man ... and someone throws a punch.

A crowd of onlookers begin to yell ... and several men join the brawl ... which quickly spills into another room.

It's unclear if the reported bottle-throwing happened before or after this clip was shot.

As the crowd continues to yell, one person can be heard saying, "The police are coming ... they're coming."


Chris Browns bodyguard Big Pat was also hospitalized.More bloody heads -- Chris Brown's bodyguard Big Pat was also hospitalized last night with a GIANT GASH on his forehead, following the massive bottle-hurling brawl at W.i.P nightclub in NYC.

The photo surfaced on Twitter earlier today -- showing Big Pat in a hospital gurney, blood gushing all over the place. It's unclear exactly how BP got hurt or who's responsible for the damage.

0614_BROWN_BODYGUARD_GASH_INJURYThankfully, looks like the guy's okay -- he showed up moments ago outside Chris' NYC hotel, badly scabbed up ... but walking nonetheless.

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