Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Official Artwork for Rock of Ages OST
Finally Previews of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Rock of Ages have surfaced! Let's admit it - we're all most curious to hear what Tom Cruise sounds like singing. The results are actually surprisingly good... from the Snippets I can hear at least. He is channeling some serious Jon Bon Jovi here with that Tenor of his.

Newcomer Diego Boneta is stellar here and who could deny being excited to hear Mary J. Blige have some fun belting-out Soft Rock?  You will die hearing Catherine Zeta-Jones doing Pat Benatar. Hit Me With Your Best ShotHot!

Listen to Previews of the Soundtrack in full here:

Rock of Ages - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is now in stores via Universal Music Canada. Download it here. Rock of Ages hits theatres Friday, June 15, 2012 via Warner Bros.

(Photo credit: Universal Music)

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