Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Deepak Paswaan with the parasitic twin
 These incredible pictures show the remarkable work of surgeons who removed a parasitic twin from a boy dubbed, 'The Eight-Limbed Boy'.

Deepak Paswaan was taunted and called a 'devil' and 'freak' as he was born with a parasitic twin jutting from his stomach.

Born in Bihar, India, Deepak spent his young life carrying around the under-developed legs and arms of what would have been his twin in a normal pregnancy.

But , top doctors at the Fortis Hospital Bangalore agreed to operate on Deepak for free, as
his parents, Indu and Veeresh, couldn't afford the whopping £50,000 it would have cost.

Deepak Paswaan set for surgery

Deepak Paswaan with mother
Deepak Paswaan with his father

Deepak Paswaan showing his new tommy

A team of six surgeons first cut away the extra limbs and then spent the final two hours sealing off the blood vessels Deepak shared with his twin.
The wouldn't have been made possible without the Help of God and the top doctors at the Fortis Hospital Bangalore who agreed to operate on Deepak for Free, Special Thanks to for the Pictures.

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