Friday, June 15, 2012

Mother Of Two Spends $15,000 To Increase Her Buttocks

The story of this 30 year old, mother of 2-Vanity Wonder, who had illegal butt and hip injections at the cost of $15,000.
The lady in question has come out to reveal all, especially the dangers involved in having all these illegal injections in a book titled- SHOT GIRLS, she talks about how many people out of wanting to be accepted, would go to any mile, to get their bodies sorted out, and most often their might be bad results. We think many should read the expose, because many Nigerians, some of we know very well are so into morphing
their body structure, it has become an obsession.
Wetin happen now? Must you go through all this shit ladies? You pray to God you dont want CS during pregnancy but voluntarily take yourself under knives to increase your beauty...Na Waohh!

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