Friday, June 15, 2012

Meek Mill, Roscoe Dash Clash Over Chris Brown, Drake Fight: Who's Fault Was It?

Chris Brown Drake fight Meek Mill

Meek Mill may or may not have been involved in the fight between Chris Brown and Drake at Club WIP in NYC recently, but it seems as though other celebs believe he was involved and are voicing their opinion on it.
Rapper Roscoe Dash tweeted about Meek's involvement in the scuffle and apparently, he and Meek aren't too close. But at the same time Roscoe Dash does have an upcoming Mixtape (side eye)
Roscoe tweeted: "I gotta say lost a lota respect for @drake & @meekmill out of all the n*ggas who dont like yall y'all chose to retaliate against @chrisbrown."
Apparently, Roscoe has the idea that there are many haters who don't like Drake and Meek Mill. Of course, Meek has a different opinion. He tweeted in response:
"@rosecoedash you gotta chill b4 you b tweeting my name in some sh*t i wasnt even really in! Stay in ya lane!"
From the the words continued, mainly on Roscoe's end, as he tweeted some more and said he was just "voicing his opinion".
Do you think Roscoe should be speaking about something that he wasn't involved in and knows nothing about? What if Meek Mill really wasn't involved and is just being blamed?
The web of rumors just keeps getting thicker as more and more people come forward and voice their opinions on the Chris Brown, Drake fight!
Image courtesy of Twitter/Global Grind

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