Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Pal Involved In Hollywoodland Murder?!


ummmmm this is quite scary........According to
Convicted felon and art-dealer to the Stars Jacob Anthonisen has been linked to the murder of his step-brother Steven John Simmons, whose decomposing body was recently found in the backseat of aCadillac Escalade in West Hollywood…
And the car is registered to Anthonisen!!
BUT, Jacob is ALSO missing and friends believe he may have been involved in some SHADY drug-dealings!
One source close to Jacob expressed:
"He has been involved with some very dangerous people in the past, and we are worried that they have something to do with this."
The above pic of Lindsay Lohan was the last uploaded to Anthonisen's Twitter before his dissapearance
Jacob, who spent two years in prison for drug-related felony charges, has been missing since May 31…
We hope hope hope Jacob is unharmed and returns home soon!!!

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