Monday, June 11, 2012

Lil Tiffany Evans: 19, Married & Pregnant

These stars grow up so fast.
It seemed like it was just yesterday that 10 year old Tiffany Evans was belting out ‘And I’m Telling You‘ on Star Search, which she eventually won, followed by a brief stint of being managed by Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles. Now, she has more news for us to digest.
She’s been secretly married to the co-founder of her new label, Little Lady Ent, for two years and she’s 6 months pregnant.
She tells Essence Magazine:
No one knows. I’ve been married for two years. He is the love of my life and I love him very much. His name is Lorenzo. He’s a really a cool guy and we’re expecting something else as well – our first child together. I am six months pregnant. No one has seen me and I’ve been waiting the proper time to say something about it. I’m so happy and I’m so excited and I’m having a girl. It’s so big and wonderful to me. It’s an amazing experience and I wish guys could go through this. It’s life changing.
Her hubby Lorenzo, who’s also a dancer, is equally excited, tweeting today:
My lil girl gone know how to Dance and Sing u better watch out @Mstiffevans she might take mommy shine lol
Big news like this definitely doesn’t come without some new music and Tiffany doesn’t disappoint. She dropped a new track today titled, ‘If You Love Me’ and she is SANGING. Probably the best track she’s released over the past seven years.
Listen below:

Music via Singersrroom

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