Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Kanye…Is this a Naked Pic Of Kim K....or NOT!!!!

It seems KimYE have been doing a great job at keeping their relationship up and running in hollywood and the rest of the world....They made a STEP UP when Kanye Tweeted a pic of What seemed to be Kim K. Eating (which made me think this was very cute and a first for kanye) and it sent twitter into a FRENZY when she became the #1 Trending topic....But of course the picture was later deleted (as if that EVER Mattered) But wait....There's more lol
There is only one problem..
It’s NOT Kim Kardashian.
Last year, in March 2011, a porn star by the name of Amia Miley tweeted the same photo of herself with the caption; ‘Eat Food’.
And while Kanye was busy tweeting naked pics of a chick that could clearly be mistaken for Kim K, Kim was on the other side of the twitterverse promoting her upcoming appearance with Oprah:
Ummmm no big deal Oprah just left my mom’s house #Dreamscometrue
In case you didn’t know, the Kardashian Family will be on Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter’ this coming Sunday.
Click below for the full shot:
Actually click here for the full shot:
Kim’s also helping Kanye promote his new Air Yeezys (not that he needs any more promotion, folks are literally stabbing up each other for these new shoes). Earlier in the week, she tweeted a photo of the shoes with the caption: ‘His & Hers’.

Now, this is a good lesson in cross-promotion, ladies and gentlemen! If you are going to date in Hollywood, do it right.
Looks like Amia isn’t too happy”

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