Saturday, June 9, 2012

Courtney Robertson "Modeling Winning & Hot Bikini Photos

Courtney Robertson "Modeling Winning" Hot  Bikini Photos - The Bachelor winner Courtney Robertson is back doing what she will best.

No, not saying winning  and creating catty comments that leave anybody with a vagina hating her once. Shes simply rocking a bikini on the beach. NBD!

When you DO MODELING for a living wage, frolicking within the sand and surf in Malibu is simply another day at the workplace. Such is life for the fiancee of Ben Flajnik.

The Season sixteen winner, who remains jointly with Ben, showed off a diamond engagement ring as she posed absolutely naturally, enjoying her day within the sun.

When she wasnt attempting to seem seductive and showing off her figure, Courtney Robertson was seen diving into the erotic novel Fifty Shades of gray.

Is anyone not reading that factor these days?

Courtney didn't reveal who she desires to play Ana and Christian, or any Bachelorette spoilers, though she did reveal her toned posterior at varied angles.

I still cannot puzzle out the purpose of the show, The Bachelor. i assume it sounds like a show created for ladies, except it's all a few dude who gets hot women to compete for his marital affections, as well as some bumping of the uglies throughout the show, then he does not even need to, and infrequently doesn't, marry the winner. The demo says show for ladies, the story line sounds quite like male fantasy. however who am I to guage, aside from being a awfully judgmental quite guy, natch.

This season, i assume The Bachelor dude picked Courtney Robertson to be his bride, or a minimum of the woman he gets to bang till such time as he breaks up together with her before the marriage, and that i cannot say I blame the guy, simply consider Courtney Robertson in Vegas this weekend in her bikini pimping one thing at some hotel pool. simply every kind of hot.

I'm not saying that i might marry the lady, however i'm saying that i might most undoubtedly fake to marry her to check that bikini drop in my Vegas hotel area. I might be The Bachelor. i feel I simply would like an improved tan.

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