Saturday, June 2, 2012

Brian McKnight Shades Chris Brown & R. Kelly While Asking What’s Acceptable In Music

Good Grief! R&B ain’t selling enough nowadays so while a bulk of the urban artists are hopping over into the pop and dance categories, Brian McKnight has tapped into the X-rated genre. Last month, Brian was offering to show us how our ‘p–sy works‘ in an explicit R&B jam and now he’s singing jingles for Porno sites. This week, he released a new jingle for YOUPORN that featured lyrics like, ‘You wanna see some f–king anal, I can get you close enough to smell.’ [Listen Here]
His fans, of course, are in an uproar. Singing porno jingles was not what they had imagined their Brian McKnight’s legacy to be. And Brian isn’t taking his criticism well as he spends the bulk of his days on twitter responding back to his fired up fans. Today, he made a point to shade the likes of Chris Brown, R. Kelly and Floyd Mayweather (who just started serving his 87 day jail sentence for assaulting his ex-girl) while on the defense about his music:
Since everyone’s so opinionated I’m taking suggestions on what I should do next I’m thinking rent a lambo and beat the shit outta my girl…That’s acceptable these days
Or maybe have sex with a 14 year old girl on film it, that’s acceptable these days
Or let the court system let me make 35 million before I do my 87 days in a private cell for domestic abuse that’s acceptable these days
It’s not shade I’m just reminding all of us what we accept on a daily basis
He may have a point but he definitely opened up a can of worms on that one..
Meanwhile, we are having ‘One Last Cry‘ for Brian’s classic R&B

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