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[Audio] Online Radio Host Snags Interview With Oprah Via Twitter

Well, this is a story we don’t get to hear everyday…
Three years ago, a guy by the name of Kemp Parchment, started an online radio show with the goal of providing informative, innovative and entertaining commentary while discussing everything from social injustices to the latest in music and entertainment. He’s had the opportunity recently to interview Brandy and Dawn Richard, and he kept telling himself that he would one day get to snag his biggestinterview, with Oprah.
This weekend, with the power of social networking (hi Twitter!!!), Kemp was able to get Oprah’s attention and she called into his show to talk about her upcoming interview with the Kardashians. It all started with a tweet that he sent to his followers saying, ‘Question Of The Night: How do you feel about @Oprah interviewing the Kardashians‘, to which Oprah responded, ‘I feel great about it. Watching u now. Glad to see people have so many opinions.‘ Kempire then tweeted the number to the show with the caption, ‘Call in now, we would love to hear your response‘ and Oprah called in from her home to chat it up about her upcoming show. How amazing is that?
During the interview, Kempire (who did an amazing job might I add), asked Oprah about her decision to interview The Kardashians and Oprah explained that they are a cultural phenomenon that she became very curious about. ‘I talks to people, that’s what I do’, she said before saying that she was very amused by everyone’s opinions on whether she should have interviewed them. When Kemp asked the big question of whether she did it for ratings, she gave the best answer ever. ‘Everyone on television is trying to get ratings’. It’s business.
Oprah’s exchanges with Kemp between questions were sooooo cute. She seemed amazed that she was able to watch him live on her IPAD while she was talking to him, saying, ‘I was just getting ready to put on my pajamas about to go to bed and I saw the tweet. This is unbelievable, I hit a button on the IPAD and there you were’. She began interviewing him on how he began his radio show and so forth. It was a dream come true for him and a joy to listen to.
Check out the interview audio plus excerpts below

On what she took away from the Kardashian interview
I went in with an open mind, the way that I approach any interview. They were as gracious as I could imagine but what I really got [from them] after I left, they continued to work. I was there for eight hours, and when I left, they were changing clothes to continue working until midnight. So whatever, people think about it, that is a lot of work. It takes a lot of work and a lot of discipline to show up at 5 o’clock every morning and work until midnight. And I know people will say, ‘Oh the cameras are in home, if the guys were paying me, I would do that too’, but it takes discipline. Even though it looks like you are having a good time, it takes discipline to do that. I was not aware that they worked those kind of hours.
And I would have to say, I am just fascinated by everyone’s opinions of whether or not I should have interviewed them. I just want to say to everybody, ‘That is what I do’. I talks to people for a living! A couple weeks of go, I was down in South Carolina interviewing this girl name Shaquan Julie who murdered, with her own hands, her two children. But that’s what I do. I talk to people. I try to uplift the consciousness, let people have insight into ourselves and our culture through other people’s stories, that is what I do.
On how the OWN Network is presently doing and if she did the interview for ratings:
I’m in the climb and anyone who’s ever started a business, whether it’s a cupcake company, or whether you tried to make sweet potato pies, you have to figure out how many and what the audience really likes and what the customers really like and that’s all a part of it. For 25 years, I did the Oprah Winfrey show, I loved it everyday and nobody remembers that climb. No one remembers that one. But I really am fine and I love that I have the opportunity. How many people in the world, in particularly, little black girls born in Mississippi at the time that I was, will ever have an opportunity to say, ‘I have my own network’.
It’s like painting from a paintbox. This week you do the Kardashians, last week I did 50 cent ..if I had been working for someone else and I had interviewed 50 cent and the interview had gone as long as it did, I would have had to leave half of the interview on the cutting room floor, but because it is my own network I get to say, ‘you know what, I’ll do him again next week because I don’t want to lose any of that’. And so, in the upcoming weeks, I just came back from Brazil, I did John of God [a spiritual healer], it’s like a palette. You are painting with different colors and different brushes. If you don’t like John of God, maybe you like 50 cent, if you don’t like 50 cent, maybe you’ll like the Kardashians. So it is the television BUSINESS. So when people say, ‘are you trying to get ratings. Everybody on television is trying to get ratings’. For 25 years, I tried not to think about ratings, I just did what I did because I had a contract that gave me the freedom of not worrying about ratings. But this is a business, and so did I do them just for ratings? NO. Do I hope that people will watch and am I trying to do things that I think will garner the public’s interest? YES. Because it is the Television BUSINESS.
Oprah asked Kempire what the feedback was from his ‘Question of the Day’ and he revealed that some people felt as though she was above interviewing The Kardashians. She responded:
They are obviously a phenomenon and who made them a phenomenon? Y’all did. Everything I learned was new. I hadn’t experienced it before. I had to do a cram session. I will tell you that I was impressed by Kim’s answer [to the 72 day wedding question]. I didn’t go in with opinions of what that was or wasn’t, but I was impressed by her response and it takes a lot to impress me. I was impressed by her response and I thought it was honest. She did that thing that Maya Angelou says, ‘You can tell what you know but you don’t have to tell everything’ and I think she did a really good job with that. But it’s interesting that everyone has something to say about it..
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Dreams do come true!

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