Monday, June 11, 2012

AMAZING: Blind Cobbler Marries Deaf and Dumb Autistic Woman

tawa owoyemi with the baby
42 years old blind Cobbler, Sunday Owoyemi,married his 34 year deaf and dumb autistic wife, Tawa Owoyemi, two years ago. Now they are blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

Sunday said though he and his wife are physically challenged, their sex life is great. What Sunday told a PM News reporter:
sunday owoyemi the husband
"Our sex life is great. She usually gives it to me real good. We do everything that couples do (laughs) Our challenges do not affect our feelings. We’ve never had any problem in that area of our lives,” he said happily."

The baby born without defect is considered by their neighbours as a miracle child, considering the circumstances surrounding his birth. During a visit to the couple’s residence, a picture of poverty is crystal clear around them but their home is filled with an aura of love.
The husband cuddled their new born baby with one hand while holding the love of his life with the second hand. Though he could not see the handsome baby boy he was carrying, nevertheless, his countenance was that of a man truly grateful to God as he intermittently grinned with delight.

Interestingly, the abundance of love radiating between the couple has endeared them to many other couples in the neighbourhood.
Adebanjo Abimbola who lives adjacent to the Owoyemis, says: “The way the couple lives their life is a challenge to other couples in the neighbourhood; though physically challenged and faced with harsh economic condition, they are always seen together and happy with each other.

They epitomise my idea of true love and we all are learning how to love our spouses from them.”
“The man is blind and the woman is deaf and autistic. We(neighbours) have never seen them quarrel with each other. You need to see how happy they live as if all is well with them,” Folake further hinted.

Omotola, a neighbour spoke on how the couple communicate with each other, do the cooking and other household chores.She said, “two of them go to the market together to buy foodstuffs. The wife, in her condition, does the cooking and every other domestic chore with assistance from her husband. Though dumb, she always tries to mutter out some words. Most of the time, no one else understands her except the husband because she does it incoherently.”

Culled from PM News 

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