Friday, May 18, 2012

Truck Explosion On Lekki-Epe Road.

A serious explosion occurred in the early hours (5am) of today along Lekki-Epe express way in Shango-Tedo area. My investigation coupled with eye witness report proved  that a container truck/trailer looks to be smuggling crude oil or very inflammable chemicals in a thousand of drums had a bad tire which resulted to fire.
Some motorist tried to call the drivers attention to his burning tire but he kept on driving (due to the nature of the content in his trailer). After driving few kilometers, the burning tire heated the container which resulted to a very serious & loud explosions. The explosion affected many laid out commodities which is mostly found displayed on our road sides like cements, water tanks, displayed paints and a commuter hatch-back car driving in front of the trailer. The driver of the truck escaped with some injuries and currently undergoing treatment in Safeway hospital, Shango-Tedo area but sadly, the truck conductor got burnt totally.
From the news report we heard, our fire brigade squad responded to calls after 35mins and succeeded in stopping the serious fire in just 25minutes. This shows that things still work in Nigeria .
Road leading to Eleko beach or Lagos Business School has since been blocked by motorist due to the heavy traffic.

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