Thursday, May 24, 2012

TLC’s T-Boz Being Sued By Honda For Money She Owes On Her Mini-Van

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T-Boz being sued by Honda for money she owes on her minivan

According to TMZ reports:
T-Boz might be forced to travel in the passenger side of her best friend’s ride … ’cause Hondais gunning to repossess the rapper’s car.
TMZ has learned .. Tionne Watkins is being sued by Honda for failing to make payments on her2005 Honda Odyssey.
In the lawsuit, filed in Georgia, Honda asks the judge for the green light to take the car back. It’s unclear how much T-Boz owes in back payments.
It’s just the latest in a string of financial woes for the 42-year-old rapper — she filed forbankruptcy back in 2011 … but failed to complete the required paperwork … and lost the protection bankruptcy provides.
In other words, there’s NOTHING stopping T-Boz’s creditors from coming after all of her possessions.
In all seriousness though, yeah T-Boz should have been more financially responsible, but we gotta put some of the blame on triflin’ azz Pebbles for “allegedly” stealing all that bread from TLC back in the day. Bet SHE’S not hurting for any money…SMH 

And not only to mention i hate that i have to report this news because i am a HUGE TLC fan.... so....

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