Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recap of Season One You Tube Comedy Comedian Housewives Right HERE!!!!

Its been a long Season of Paternity tests, "BIG" Dawgs, Make-ups and Break-ups but overall we got A LOT of laughs!!!! And In case you Missed the sum up of the 1st season of the You Tube sensation that is Comedian Housewives ....You can catch the recap RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW on Amarishotspot.blogspot.com and find out how it ALL ends in season One...

Will Terry and Arnie get their Marriage back on Track??
Will Bilal Ever realize what he lost in Cymone??
Will Cymone find True Happiness??
And Will Brandon ever Actually tell how he knows Diddy??

And Catch Episode 8, The season Finale Next Tuesday @ 8pm....

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