Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pusha T releases Exodus 23:1 Video Raw and UNCUT!!

When Pusha T dropped “Exodus 23:1″ last week, many rappers and producers looked at themselves and wondered, “Is he talking about me?” And in a few cases, complete non-targets were so paranoid they decided the answer was “Yes!” So now the song is embroiled in a Lil Wayne and Drake vs. Pusha T beef….(recap the 6-year history of tension between Weezy and Pusha).
But the video on the other hand, is not about hip hop subliminals at all. It’s about how unglamorous real life in the streets is. And how foul drug addiction is.
Director Samuel Rodgers, Pusha and co-editor Mike Carson (IllRoots) do a great job of driving that home.
Like….when Pusha raps alongside a pal who repeatedly snorts coke up his nose out of a folded paper scoop. *shivers*
Watch the “Exodus 23:1″ video

Nothing fly about being a fiend. Avoid that at all costs

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