Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo: Syrian Children Massacred

On Friday May 25th around 3pm, Civilian militias loyal to President Bashar Assad of Syria stormed the province of Homs, in the Syrian town of Houla, and went from house to house murdering entire families one by one. They'd kill the mothers first, tie up the children, and make the fathers watch as they execute the children, before finally killing the fathers.

The massacre started by 3pm Friday afternoon and didn't end till 2am Saturday morning. And by the time the armed thugs were done, 106 lost their lives, including 47 children between 3 months old and 10 years who had either been shot or stabbed to death.

What happened last weekend is by far the bloodiest attacks in one area since the uprising against the Syrian President began in March 2011. In one case, three generations of one family was wiped out.

You raise your hands against children? You tie them up and shoot them? May these men not know peace. Very graphic photos of the children massacred when you continue...

news source: lindaikeji

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