Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Video: Chris Brown – Sweet Love

“Tonight is the night that I change your life…”
Chris Brown is taking a break from his usual hyped up dance tracks while bringing that old school grown man slow jam back in his new video ‘Sweet Love’. He’s channeling 90′s R&B group Silk by chanting ‘Freak Me Baby’ before singing about all of the great things that he will do to your body.
Chris is sporting his new nose ring in the video as he walks through two rows of beds that have women laying under the covers. As he passes their beds, the women float in the air and get that o-face of ecstasy. Of course, there’s nothing like a steamy make-out scene in the rain to get you in the mood. I see you Chris, out here trying to show the world how you and Karrueche get down on the sly…
Check out the sensual ‘Sweet Love’ below:

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