Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Music: Jhene Aiko – ’2 Seconds’

I have had enough. I think you should just run away, get away, find a new love…
Singer Jhene Aiko is finishing up her Def Jam debut album, ‘Souled Out’ which will be released later this year. In the meantime, her fans have been feening for some new music to hold them over. Earlier today, Jhene dropped the soulful track, ’2 Seconds’, which chronicles the tale of a girl who’s seconds away from flipping out after her man shows up at her house accusing her of being with someone else. And I know I will support this Woman Like NO OTHER!!!!
Cry me an ocean, build a boat, and sail away
If this is so difficult
I can’t make you stay
I had been hoping that you’d be more than just a phase
You don’t believe me, just leave, ain’t nothing more to say
And I wish I had some weed up in my system
Cause I’m about two seconds from flipping, out
How could you say that I did it when I didn’t
It’s bout time we end this now
Listen to the track plus watch a new interview featuring Jhene below:

Download ’2 Seconds’
Jhene Aiko’s Step Into The Black Music Series

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