Saturday, May 19, 2012

Man Shoots Daughter's Alleged Rapist In Lagos

Asiribo Baba, 40, was arrested on Saturday [May 19] for allegedly shooting a bricklayer who attempted to rape his daughter.
A police officer, Femi Martins, said that Baba shot Ifeanyi Arinze, 29, who was making blocks at a building site in Agbara, Lagos. According to Femi Martins, Arinze climbed the fence of Baba’s residence in Agbara to pluck oranges, then he saw Baba’s 14-year-old daughter who was sleeping in the compound.
"After he had done plucking oranges, he went to the girl, who slept on the mat, and touched her breast but the girl screamed", the police officer said. "Arinze covered the girl’s mouth with his hand but her younger sister, who had been playing outside, came and she alerted other people".
Femi Martins said Baba, who had been listeningto the screaming of her daughter, came out with a gun, ran after Arinze and shot him in the leg when he was about to jump the fence.
He said other workers at the building site reported the case immediately to the police while Arinze was taken to the hospital.

Source: Daily Times

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