Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot Spot:J. Holiday – “Sign My Name”

“By the time I get to the ‘A’ you gon’ be hurtin.”
R&B singer J. Holiday is back on the scene with a brand new bedroom banger to follow up his 2007 hit, ‘Bed ’(it doesn't even seem like its been that long) penned by The Dream.
On the new track titled, ‘Sign My Name’,  J. Holiday explains his sex game in thorough detail while promising to write his name on it…. in cursive.
“Baby, I’m a writer, you know
and girl tonight Imma show ya.
There’s a few ideas I had in mind.
I’m gon’ jot it on yo skin, if you don’t mind.
And every time your leg shake, I be taking mental notes
Girl, my tongue gon’ be the pen, just put it where you want.
Imma start off with the ‘J’ so perfect.
By the time I get to the ‘H’ Imma hurt it.
‘O’ and ‘I’ Imma put this ‘D’ on you all night.
Take a listen below:

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