Friday, May 18, 2012


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Brian Valdes (also known as Dubri) is a twenty-year old innovator that has his hands in every aspect of the music industry. Young, eager to learn, and persistent, Dubri moved to Hollywood CA at the age of eighteen to pursue a Recording Artist career and earn an Associates degree in Audio Engineering. Evidently soon after he built his own studio in his apartment and began to make his dreams a reality. He is now a Highly Respected Songwriter, Singer, Rapper, Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer, and Vocal Producer. Dubri is a vital addition to any process or stage of a song: From composition to the final product. He has molded his own sound within his music and that of others who have had the pleasure to experience his touch. “You can really see the passion in his eyes when he’s working,” says a non-biased musician.

Dubri comes from small town San Luis Obispo on the central coast of California. “It’s somewhat secluded… like an oasis. There’s really no music scene there. However that’s probably why I am refreshingly open to learn something new everyday.” He comes from a Panamanian family as the first generation to grow up in America. This has an immense impact on Dubri’s work ethic and desire to expand. He grew up playing basketball and writing songs. Therefore as a returning team captain Dubri developed leadership skills along with the adept qualities of a team player (both essential to the work flow of this industry).

Dubri firmly states, “I would love for the world to hear my music for countless reasons. The main one is: It doesn’t matter where you come from, what family values have been suggested upon you, nor does it matter to suffer from financial instability and a lack of ‘high-tech’ recording equipment. If I found a way to make my dreams come true, anyone on this face of this Earth can as well.”

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