Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dawn Richard Gets COLORFUL For PYNK Magazine

In a brand new photo spread for PYNK magazine, singer Dawn Richard is donning every color of the rainbow to make a bold statement about her style, her career & her future.  Check out what she had to say about her former Dirty Moneygroupmates and why it's so hard to do things the right way in this business...
She and Azealia Banks at Coachella are giving me the same vibe in this pic.
Dawn's always been all about doing her own thing when it comes to fashion and her career.  Check out the highlights from her PYNK magazine interview (edited from original PYNK article sent over):
On her relationship with former groupmate Kalenna: "We really don't speak right now because both of our projects are going on at the same time.  We just haven't gotten the chance after being in Dirty Money together.
It's been a busy year for us both. I know everything we've talked about in the past and all the hard work put into our projects is starting to pay off.  And it's exciting being nominated for best group for BET awards for a second year. Being so far apart makes it difficult to Rock like we did when we were in DDM, but the love is always there!"

On where she sees herself in 5 years: "I would hope that my music reaches the masses without losing anyone in the process. I think musically, when people listen to RnB and the dance movements, it's a little bit more moving than when people listen to RnB. I hope that the word 'innovative' would be used a lot. The same with Dirty Money and Danity Kane. I hope that after people have seen the same thing their eyes will be open to something different. I am a story teller and I would love to tell who I am while pushing the envelope."
Dawn on Reality TV: "I think African American women portray ourselves the way we want to be seen on Reality TV. I don't ever want to comment on the way other women want to portray themselves.  We have a responsibility for the way we want to be portrayed. I was one of the [black women on reality tv]."
Dawn on her celebrity crush: "James Dean.  If he was still [alive], he would be my man crush. He provides a sense of inspiration in fashion, and really defined the ultimate be the choices I make in my [own] world."
On handling her own career:  "Bad Boy has always supported me and asking for a release was a huge risk. The biggest risk I've taken but the most rewarding because we were number 1 and charted on Billboard. No rewardwithout big risks right? Lol. So far there have been over 300,000 views in the last month."
On the difficulty of doing HER: "I never give advice. I do feel like its okay to get your hands dirty. People are not wanting to get dirty because doing the right things takes longer to get to your destination. Just because no one else is driving, never stop.  Get back in the car and get to that destination.  You never want to stop driving.  So many of us get out of the car and stop driving forward.  It's the hardest thing when no one else is in the same lane."
We're still feelin' her.

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