Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Comedian Housewives Episodes 6&7 Right HERE!!!!

Episode 6: All I can say is BRACE YOURSELF Because things Are taking a Turn ....But who knows is it for Better or for Worse....(get it hahahaha)....anyway and Teresa Takes things to a whole new Climax....(ok im done) and Terry Gets a Major Gig.... Check out the 6th episode that aired last week Right Here....and Right NOW!!!! And After Catch the 7th Episode Right underneath ....What Will Happen Next??!!!!

Seriously You have to support what these guys are doing Im from the same City and i hardly EVER see this much dedication come from anyone now a days ....Next week is The Seasons Finale and i'll be doing a marathon Right here on AmarisHotSpot.blogspot.com In the meantime I wish Terry and the whole cast nothing but success!!!!

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