Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill feud on Twitter over Rihanna

No names were ever mentioned, but in the Twitter war between R&B singer Chris Brown and rappers Drake and Meek Mill, everyone partaking in the conversation knew what and who it was about: Rihanna. All three of the artists had been connected romantically to RiRi, whether it was unofficially or not. The fiasco began once Brown found out that Mill had been romancing his ex and had Meek removed from his upcoming single, “Don’t Judge Me.” This did not sit well with the rapper, who tweeted but later deleted, “[You] took me off ya song cause she let me watch the throne,” a reference to Rihanna being on stage with rappers Kanye and Jay-Z. This led to Brown responding by mocking Mill’s “dreamchasers” catchphrase. Somehow in all of this, Drake then got involved, more or less describing Rihanna as the type of girl who gets around, and patronizing Brown’s apparent agitation with the matter. Mill put it best though when he later tweeted “[These] chicks belong to the game…not you!”

source ; MTVBASE

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