Friday, May 25, 2012

Bar Refaeli Underwear Advertisement

Bar Refaeli Underwear Advertisement - The 26-year-old catwalk queen is seen flaunting her naked figure in a very black-and-white industrial for the gathering, reported Ace Showbiz.

The nearly two-minute video conjointly captures the ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio mowing a lawn, skimming the pool, twiddling with a baseball bat and smoking a cigar.

The collection offers new vary of everyday underwear that's completely designed by Refaeli

My underwear is that the clothing article closest to my body, and as such, i need it to enrich it and not steal the show. there's nothing higher than straightforward, comfy, quality clothing, the Israeli model wrote on her web site.

My work means that I`m traveling all the time, dashing from town to town and sporting the foremost unbelievable, elaborate styles. I love it, however on my downtime I simply need to relax and be myself. I don`t need my garments to outline me. the gathering is regarding beautifully-made basics that look smart and feel wonderful. That`s all i would like, she added.

Supermodel Bar Refaeli was recently voted the most popular girl within the world by Maxim magazine readers, however she cannot get a date. is not this continuously the way? actually, the blonde stunner told Conan O'Brien that guys do not even such a lot as look at her. they appear all over her like she's skinny air. Apparently all of the folks voting her hottest babe within the world were feminine. Says Bar, somewhat dubiously:
Okay, there is one thing strange happening here. Either Bar hangs out with so much too several gay men, or she is totally oblivious to flirtation (unlikely since she thought a TSA agent was hitting on her), or ... this might be true. Hmm.

Here are some reasons that men might not hit on the delectable Bar:

Odds are long. Let's face it, men are reasonably like Vegas gamblers. They run down the percentages of being successful with a lady (i.e., bringing her home or obtaining her variety) and also the odds of obtaining Bar's number -- including obtaining her in bed -- are most likely pretty slim. a bloke goes to travel for the higher odds -- the not-the-hottest-woman-in-the-world, who is on the opposite aspect of the area.

Too much work. the blokes are most likely thinking they are going to possess to try to to some reasonably circus act to urge Bar's attention. Or they are going to want to shop for her 5 dozen roses, a bottle of Dom Perignon, and perhaps whisk her away for an all expense paid vacation to Venice. And then, when they are out fifty grand, she'll smile sweetly and say, "I very do love you ... as a follower."

Too much competition. notwithstanding Bar will offer them the time of day, the blokes most likely suppose there is one more dude, one with more cash, who is a lot of handsome, and a lot of famous (cough Leo DiCaprio cough), who may show up at any moment and build all that effort for naught.

Now, i am not saying this is often all true of Bar. For all i do know, she simply loves a daily Joe, perhaps a chronically-underemployed guy with a paunch and a style for Pabst. I even have no plan. perhaps she is that the single most low-key chick ever, and also the biggest loser on the earth may snag a date along with her, no prob.

I'm simply telling you what the blokes are most likely thinking. however i am not a bloke, therefore perhaps they will have one thing to mention regarding it.

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