Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Angela Simmons & Romeo Miller Address Their Suspicious COUPLED UP Pics...Kinda

Is it on and poppin' for hottie rapper/actor Romeo Miller and socialite/businesswoman Angela Simmons?  It certainly seems that way.  But the twosome is playing coy on Twitter as they exchanged words about getting caught by the paparazzi cams while out on a lunch date yesterday.  Check the pics inside, plus what both had to say about it all...
Is it a rap kid hook-up?  Master P's son, Romeo (22), who is starring in Tyler Perry's upcoming Madea's WitnessProtection flick, and Rev. Run's daughter, Angela (25), looked pretty cozy at lunch in West Hollywood yesterday.  TheJumping The Broom actor was spotted with his arm around the Pastry queen as they left out of the eatery--all smiles:
They very well could be friends...but something tells us they could also be much more than just friends.  And we wouldn't even be mad at that. 
The two tweeted each other about their ping pong date after lunch, getting hounded by paparazzi and wondering what the media would make of it:
No denial...yet.  Time will tell...
Pics via WENN

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