Monday, May 21, 2012

Anambra State University Starts Riot Over School Fees

There's great tension right now in Anambra State University, Uli, Campus following the continued sending out of students from the Exam hall for not paying there school fees.

Trouble began when some students of d engineering department were beaten by d school's anti-cult squad(a.k.a MPIAWAZU) for sneaking into the exam hall without paying their school fees. This angered their fellow colleagues who were still outside and they started throwing stones at the anti-cult squad. Other students from other depts later joined and d anti cult men where pursued out of the school premises. They later went and called the anti riot MOPOL from Ihiala.

As I write this the trouble still rages as the students have destroyed the anti cult office in the V.C's office and and students have stopped all ongoing exams and pursued the lecturers from the exam halls... No body knows if the exams will still continue tomorrow. We'll just wait and see.

This report is written by a 300L student of the Computer Science department.

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